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Bowl of dark chocolate spheres
Aren't You Sweet?!!, What You Cook:

Home Made Dark Chocolate, Vegan

Super easy and delicious home made dark chocolate, that also happens to be vegan. I tell you about variety of extras to jazz it up to a next level and pitfalls to avoid.

smoked eggs
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Smoked Eggs!

Check out those RAW Smoked Eggs from Queen Vic Market!

Parsley Pesto

Parsley Pesto – Fresh, Zingy and Super Easy to Make!!

If you have leftover parsley that you don’t know what to do with, or a bush in the garden that has gone out of control – try this super quick and easy, but SOOO delicious recipe that turns a humble parsley into a real hero!

Lamb, Recipes, Red Meats

Lemon and Herb Grilled Lamb Cutlets (w. Video)

Perfect on hot summer days and a sure hit for Aussie Day BBQ party!
Amazing flavours of lemon, rosemary, thyme and garlic will win over anyone!! (Video attached)

Fish and Seafood, Recipes

Home Smoked Trout (in the smoker)

Thought it’s time to fire up our smoker again and do some proper smoking! And hubby requested a fish of some sort for dinner. So smoked trout it was! 😂 .
This recipe is based on Ben O’Donoghue’s hot smoked salmon recipe, but altered a bit with few time I have been using it.
End result is juicy, soft and flaky fish with wonderful smokeyness!

Pork, Recipes, Red Meats

Lazy Sticky Asian Pork Spare Ribs

How to make amazingly delicious sticky pork spare ribs with minimal effort and shopping list! If I can be a domestic Goddess few days out of hospital, you can too! Cheers to that!

Pork, Recipes

Home Smoked Bacon.

Who doesn’t love good Bacon??
Check out this beauty! Juicy, full of flavour ,but without nasty curing salts.

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Ice Cream Heaven

The Best Ice Cream Review.

bottle of wine

Today For Tomorrow Shiraz Review

9/10 Another “dark horse” that has delivered! Well, in a way that I have not heard about these guys before. And there isn’t much out there to provide much information either. But this is what this tasting journey was all about to hopefully find some hidden gems and share them […]