Tipsy Kitchen’s Zero Alcohol Corner

WHY is “Tipsy Kitchen” doing Non Alcoholic Reviews??

I suppose that will be number one question of anyone who has made it to this site. And yes, I was asked that a lot by my friends too.

Quite simply: I still love my wine, but it is time to cut back. I find that the older I get (hate saying that!!) the less tolerant to wine I become. I have never really enjoyed getting drunk, but rather was more enjoying the process of consuming this fermented nectar of Gods, either while chilling at home after work, cooking or having fun with friends. So if I can find good alternative, it’s a win!! And although I can still have occasional couple glasses here and there, I have been primarily alcohol free for couple months now. And… loving how it makes me feel!!

Hence this blog series, as I found I couldn’t trust the reviews, most written either by retailers pushing their product or non-drinkers.

At the moment it’s just wines, however hopefully I can soon add other categories such as beers, spirits, mocktails etc. So stay tuned!