Melbourne coffee meat rub

Melbourne Coffee Meat Rub

From Gewurzhaus Spice Merchants. Few locations in CBD and Carlton

Very earthy flavours: coffee, activated charcoal, paprika, spices.

Looked VERY black!!😂

To start with it just smelled like coffee with a hint of spices. However once it’s mixed with olive oil and rubbed on meat, all those spices start developing and become more pronounced.

I was planning to grill it on hot coals, but with hot weather and strong wind it wouldn’t be too wise, so just bbq hot plate this time. And yes, it got my tick of approval. The smell was intoxicating, once it hit the hot plate, and the taste is definitely quite unique – very earthy but complex, just enough spice for a little tingle. 

Give it a go for something different this bbq season! 👍👍👍

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