smoked eggs

Smoked Eggs!

And Yes, they are RAW smoked eggs!

I should say I am VERY excited about this product review!

I have come across these beauties absolutely by pure chance. I was shopping for a backpack at Queen Vic market in Melbourne and after I found it, I stopped by a stall selling heavily discounted ceramic oven dishes. They were red, so of course they grabbed my attention!

But as I turned around I saw this huge row of all kinds of eggs (later I founds out it was Eggporium. Not only they have huge range of eggs but also honey!!) and a big sign saying “SMOKED EGGS” caught my attention. The Russian who loves all things smoked of course had to come closer to investigate. You will find it in the outside part of Vic Market neat where Hot Doughnut Man is.

So they are RAW eggs, smoked at the perfect temperature and duration so smoke permeates the shell infusing it. So of course I had to get it. I had my first batch simply on toast as I wanted to taste the egg, not the bacon or anything else. And smoked egg I did taste! I was pretty amazing!

The Smoked Egg Company (click link for details) is the Victorian company that was one of the first in the world to start cold smoking raw eggs on the commercial level. .Eggs are treated with cold smoke that infuses smoke flavour inside the raw egg. It also pasteurises it this way, so you can confidently use those eggs for homemade mayo. They are “true free range” as well.

If you can’t get to Vic Market, try some of the IGAs located in the map on their website, but I called one listed in Bentleigh, closest to me, and they didn’t stock it. I would suggest ordering online. It’s $5 for a case of 6 eggs, and to me it’s a pretty good value. It also probably extends their shelf life as it’s 35 weeks.

So, how did we go? Both my husband and I LOVED them! I especially went into the city for more of them before Easter. Thought what a great present for Easter! Beats Cadbury Eggs!!

I had it poached, fried, I made hollandaise and mayo. In the sauce and mayo it was awesome. Subtle, not in your face, smokey taste that was pretty unique. I am also about to make smokey creme brulee with it. I reckon it will be a bomb!!! In the plain cooked eggs you can also definitely taste it. Evan had the whites, leftover from my mayo, in his omelette and he LOVED it! And as a simple appetizer especially for Easter – how about simple soft boiled smoked eggs topped with that smoked mayo!? I made it this morning too, super simple but ridiculously decadent!

And those eggs are great news for vegetarians. Instead of facon just use these eggs for breakfast. I had it on toast without bacon, and didn’t miss it! Especially if you top it with that smokey mayo or hollandaise. Yummm.

In the pic below there are egg whites from these and regular eggs. You can see how much darker smoked ones are.

I just can’t stop keep talking about it as it is so f**king cool! Seriously, do yourself a favour and grab a carton. You will love it and thank me for it.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. I just love those eggs!

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