Van Loveren Absolute Zero Dry Sparkling Review

“Absolutely Stunning” Sparking!

I really liked the look of this bottle (yes! Totally judging “wine by it’s label”!), so I actually made sure I opened it to sample with a girlfriend of mine who has been trying to switch to Alcohol Free wines recently as well (who is generally a Chardonnay lover). I have not read any previous reviews on it nor have I heard of the winemaker. And Gosh! It did not disappoint!!

The best way I can describe it – take the most aromatic, New Zealand style Sauvignon Blanc and imagine it as a beautiful sparkling wine. And unlike some Savs it didn’t have this strong acidity, which puts many people off Sav Blancs. And both of us, being generally Chardy drinkers for that particular reason, absolutely couldn’t get enough of it.

I had to jump online to find more information about the winemaker and it’s South African winery with Almost Zero being one of their ranges of wines. They also produce Red, White and Rose which I found available online at Dan Murphy, and am going to give those a go as well after tasting this. Although never assume.

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