Non Alcoholic White Wines Reviews

white wines on the shelf

Fortunately when it comes to non alcoholic white wines available in Australia the choice of decent wines is a bit larger than that in reds. Especially if you are Sauvignon Blanc drinker – you are in luck! There are few dry and very pleasant Savs out there (Giesen and Ara! OMG!!) And the best thing: even most supermarkets are stocking them! So it’s really easy to get hold of.

However if you are into good Chardonnay, your choices are more limited. To start with there aren’t as many Zero Chardys out there to start with, and when you eliminate all the cheap and nasty there ain’t much left! The best so far is Newblood Chardonnay. 🍷🍷

Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigios is a bit of a mixed bag.

And when it comes sweeter varieties like Riesling and Moscato I haven’t really tried them as I generally do not rate them, so would not be a good judge of the Zero versions of them.

Rosé wines, I have only tasted a few and all of them luckily were very good.

Couple things I have learned about Zero Alcohol Whites:

They still taste fine the next day once opened – they don’t go sweeter like Zero Reds do. However they need to be consumed very chilled. Even Chardonnays. As you probably know, their alcoholic siblings have much richer and stronger nose and taste better being more cool rather than very cold. Zero Whites however tend to loose their precious dry edge if not crispy cold and the “grapeness” starts creeping out! So keep that baby in the fridge before and while you are drinking it. You may want to add some ice cubes, but I prefer not to as it dilutes it’s body and makes it too watery.

So let’s cut to the chase:

Here is your non alcoholic white wines reviews list that you get get hold in Australia. With a 👍or 👎 for a quick reference based on my palate which is quite dry. I love full bodied oak driven buttery Chardonnays. With other white varieties, although I do like some fruity, tropical notes, it definitely still has to be dry for me to enjoy them.