Asado restaurant

Asado, Southbank, Melbourne

My favourite meat restaurant at the moment! I want to go back and have everything else in the menu!!!!!

Originally planned to go to San Telmo, but with me completely forgetting to actually book it in it got booked out. On the website however it kindly suggested their sister restaurants Palermo and Asado which are also Argentinian Grills. Asado it was.

First of all – location is very convenient! Southbank right across the bridge from Flinders st station, right next to Southgate.

As you are walking towards to entrance you are passing the window display of all the different cuts that were being aged right there, and the smell of something amazing hits your nose and you know you are up for a treat here! (see one of the videos)

The warmest greeting from staff as we are welcomed and escorted to our table. Talking of staff – most are from Spain, South America, France, all extremely helpful, and passionate about their food (and quite handsome!! 🤫😂)

The decor is definitely a steak house, in your face! Love it! Cow skin on the walls, on the menu covers, drinks menu made of soft leather, suckling pig hanging in the open kitchen being slowly roasted, proper steak knives with Asado logo – all says – we know our meat!

Now to the food: 
We had few starters, 3 mains and couple sides:
🔸Jamon Iberico – top notch!!!! The smell, taste and lingering oiliness of acorns in jamon was beautiful and very pronounced. Nom nom nom 🤤 

🔸 Beef tartare was the most beautiful I have ever tasted (and I have had a lot both here and in France). It came with marinated little mushrooms (enoki style, but probably not!) with zingy anchovy mayo served with crispy potato chips to scoop it up. The taste, texture and freshness all together worked amazingly! 

🔸Grilled Beef tongue with Chimichurri. Braised for a day, then slow cooked for 12 hours, then thinly sliced and grilled on super hot coals, served with flavoursome Chimichurri sauce. It was exquisite. So tender, with lovely caramelisation. I definitely recommend to everyone, and especially those who have never tried tongue and are cautious. It doesn’t taste like offal at all!!! Just delicious!

🔸Now on to mains:
We had suckling pig, and also lamb and steak from the parilla – Argentinian coal grill. Ok, PLEASE try the pig!!! It was melting in mouth! Didn’t know it was physically possible till that day with pork. Woah!!

Both lamb and steak were simply amazing as well. But steak is steak. THESE ones were Pretty Damn good though!! Both lamb and beef came out perfectly medium rare, slightly on the rare side, which was perfect for me and were amazingly tender and full of flavour of both the actual meat and the coals of parilla.

And lastly couple sides that deserve a mention in their own right: 
🔸Artichoke hearts with grilled onion, garlic and tomatoes – I could just eat it by itself!!! (I actually didn’t adjust that photo, it looked THAT good!) 

🔸And their signature dish- roasted Brussel sprouts topped with Manchego cheese – flavour overload!!

Papas bravas were good too, but that’s to be expected.

We have not tried deserts at all, too full. There were still few more things on the menu to try so we shall definitely be back. 
So if you are looking to have a great night night with some good meat to go along with your good red – give that place a go for sure!!!

Review first written Oct 23 2018, Published here Jan 9 2019

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