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Today For Tomorrow Shiraz Review


Another “dark horse” that has delivered! Well, in a way that I have not heard about these guys before. And there isn’t much out there to provide much information either. But this is what this tasting journey was all about to hopefully find some hidden gems and share them with you.

And I can say that it has become one of my favourites in AF reds!! On this occasion Barossa Valley didn’t disappoint. It almost makes you forget you are drinking non-alcoholic wine. Very nice, rich nose, beautiful strong tanins, quite dry, with warm mouthfeel and great aftertaste, just delightful (very surprisingly!) overall! Doesn’t have dreadful grape juice taste. Alleluia!!

9/10 because it is not a Shiraz still. With all those characteristics it still lacks the robust body of Shiraz, and is more reminiscent of a very good Pinot Noir. But that’s what I found with all non alcoholic red wines. For AF wines it takes Shiraz grapes to make wine taste like Pinots, which leaves most lighter Pinot Noirs simply feel like grape juice.

Cost and Availability:

$18 at Dan Murphy

Would I buy it again?

Yes! However at this price point it’s not your everyday wine. But definitely a good one to open for a nice dinner.

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