Grilling on Baking Paper. Why? Read below (Video)

Tip of the day if you don’t want your non stick pan to get burned by grilling sticky marinated meats (like these tandoori chicken skewers, or honey soy etc). As no matter how good your non-stick pan is, marinade still sticks, not much first, and it does off, but it damages the coating with time. Same for bbq. Of course you won’t damage the hot plate but generally you just have delicious marinade stick to hot plate, not YOUR MEAT!

Well, try to follow my mum-in-law advice – put baking paper on your pan and off you go. I was sceptical first, as wanted it to “grill” not stew, and even had a jug of water handy too in case it catches fire!

… no, did two batches with no fire!! Tick!

Also I covered it with the lid and it didn’t stew! It was nice and caramelised like it was on bbq!! All the sauces stuck to my meat, not paper! Remove the paper, and no cleaning required!!! Just wipe with paper towel!


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