Porta 6. Nice drop from Lisbon, Portugal

Ok, I did buy this wine because of the label…. it has the tram in it similar to the one I am driving, but when I looked at it closer – this bottle from Portugal is my soulmate!!! 😍
The guy on sidewalk grills on coals while drinking red wine (carafe of “Tinto” next to him and glass in hand) all while being watched by his cat. That is pretty much me… in a bottle!! 😂😂

Oh, and the wine is just bloody delicious!!! Its a blend of Tinta Roriz, Castelao and Touriga Nacional. None of those grape varieties I am familiar with, but I glad I was introduced to them!! Originally bought at our local independent bottle shop for $18, and I thought it’s a good price for it. However later my friend found it at Costco at the price of $9.49!!! And that’s not on sale! So it might even be cheaper. It’s an amazing value for the quality.

Wine is soft but rich. A bit like shiraz but with more complex flavour spectrum. Almost a bit buttery and quite earthy. Definitely recommend it both as your table wine for dinner at home and to take to friends house. You will impress.

I have put couple bottles in my cellar to open next year. Hope will have will power to wait that long!!!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!! xx

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